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When finishing up a game of League of Legends, you have the option of downloading the replay so that you can either share it or watch it back. Allowing you to essentially save some of those amazing plays you might have made.

You can then just send the replay to a content creator YouTuber or to a friend and they can play it back. You can use a video recording software such as Fraps to record parts of the game-play. Below, we have a quick guide for saving replays and where to find them on your computer.

Meanwhile, we have a few more guides available for League of Legends here. You can save a high light by heading into your match history.

Your match history can be found under the profile section. Save a replay with the download button. To save a match as a replay file, press the download button located to the right of a game. It will start to download, before turning into a play button where you can watch it back through the client. Replays are saved as. ROFL files by default. You can find the location by heading to the Settings menu in the League of Legends client. Find the location of saved replays.

To get to this area, press the cog icon located in the top right of the client. You can navigate to them, or choose to change them to something more accessible.

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PwrDown Gaming Guides. Find the directory for your LoL Highlights. Gaming PC Gaming. September 18, In Legends of Runeterra, if you want to get new cards and other rewards, you're going to have to open chests. There are other Read more. Post Tags: League of Legends. Legends of Runeterra is a spinoff game to League of Legends. That's pretty obvious, but nowhere is the tie-in to League of Legends more When playing Legends of Runeterra, you're going to need 'mana' to play a card.

What is mana? Well it's a source of energy that Making a deck in Legends of Runeterra can be a bit overwhelming for players new to the game, so just where does one start? Thanks for visiting! Privacy Policy Cookie Policy.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Rofl Viewer is a simple tool to explore and launch league of legends replays files. Rofl Viewer Web Site.

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league of legends replay viewer

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Many game enthusiasts got hooked to play this game, and many of them record LOL games and share their gameplay achievements and tutorials on video hosting sites and other social media page to gain popularity, help their friends, or earn money. Learn them as we go along in this post. The first way to record League of Legends is by utilizing the built-in replay function, which is also available to download separately.

This is the easiest way to capture your LOL gameplay since it does not requires additional device or software for it to work. This is a well-known game recording application that utilizes a frame rate counting for a better gameplay recording.

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Fraps is available in two versions, the free and the pro versions. This is a screen recording device that is capable of recording any gameplay that the user has done on the LOL game scene. With this tool, gamers can get a crisper screen recording and it can also be used to stream your gameplay. Now you can save your own LOL gameplay recordings easily via using the methods shown above.

The built-in replay function in LOL is great for those who want an easy access.

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However, in case you want to produce vivid HD gameplay recordings, then Elgato is the device that you might want to try. Via built-in replay Via Fraps Via Elgato Top 3 ways to record LOL games Use the built-in replay and recorder The first way to record League of Legends is by utilizing the built-in replay function, which is also available to download separately.

Here are the steps to record a LOL scene with this built-in tool. To record a gameplay, simply play a game session and wait till your match ends. Open the application and set a hotkey that you want to trigger the recording and another one to stop the recording. You can also make some settings like video capture, audio input, etc.

LoL Replay Guide #2 - Record a REPLAY and UPLOAD it to YouTube

Afterwards, open your LOL account and play the game at your will. Connect your Elgato device to your computer. After that, go and play LOL as you normally do. Conclusion Now you can save your own LOL gameplay recordings easily via using the methods shown above. Rating: 4. Last updated on January 16, Leave a Comment 0 Comments Please input your name!

Please input a valid email address!Game replay created by LOLReplay, a game replay recorder and manager for League of Legends LoL ; used for re-watching gameplay and sharing the replay with others online; can only be opened by LOLReplay not by the League of Legends gamebut still requires that League of Legends be installed on the computer.

LRF files are not video files and cannot be opened by video playback programs. Instead, they can only be played with the LOLReplay software. This is because LRF files capture events that take place during gameplay, and the software re-simulates the events when it is replayed.

This allows the file sizes to stay small in comparison to a full motion video equivalent. It also allows the observer to move over the map, select units, and view the replay from multiple perspectives.

File used by Sony Reader, a mobile eBook reading device; contains data for a Sony "BroadBand eBook" BBeBincluding text, images, and pagination data; saved in a compressed binary format that includes a header, a specified number of objects, and an object index.

LRF and. LRF files may be converted from various other file types, including. HTML and. All file types, file format descriptions, and software programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the FileInfo team. If you would like to suggest any additions or updates to this page, please let us know. LRF File Extension 3 file types use the. League of Legends Replay File 2. Sony Portable Reader File 3.

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Yes, and no. ROFLPlayer will run without one, but it won't be able to download champion and item images. ROFLPlayer will cache all the images it downloads, so it won't download twice. It does not do anything except copy files and launch the game executable. Nothing is altered, so a ban is not likely. You can keep older patches around by copy-pasting the League of Legends installation folder before you patch.

You can get nearly everything you can find in the post-match screen. There are some extra information like how many times a spell was cast. However, some data is missing, like summoner spell information. There is also no way to view information about the match at a particular time.

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Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. One stop shop utility for viewing League of Legends replays!

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C Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Reader cleanup. Latest commit 8e95e52 Dec 25, Download ROFLPlayer Features View match information for replay files before playing Play replay files from other people or games no longer viewable from the client Supports multiple installs of League of Legends, keep old installations to play replays from older patches View the metadata for old LoLReplay.

LRF files! You may encounter errors if your League of Legends install is in an odd location. The following window will then appear, Set the player name field so ROFLPlayer can highlight you name when viewing replay details. Set the region field so the program can properly load the match history website when using the "View online" button.

Optional Add any other League of Legends installations you may have. You can name entries and set if ROFLPlayer should automatically update the entry along with the game.

league of legends replay viewer

The default executable will be used on play button press and, if set, double click action. You're done!

league of legends replay viewer

Please let me know about any bugs or issues. FAQ Why does this exist?GG is currently testing beta service for Southeast Asia region servers, published by Garena. The following servers are a part of our beta test:. We have been collaborating with Riot Games as one of the earliest statistics providers for Garena users to test functionality and reliability. Since this is the very initial phase of the beta test, summoner data will be very limited.

The following data will be provided on our initial beta site:. Please note that match history and spectator data will be coming in the future, and we do plan to immediately implement this data once available.

Watch League of Legends Replays

We will keep you updated on new features. Thank You! Recent Search Favorites.

league of legends replay viewer

There is no summoner you seen recently. Add your favorite summoner for easy updates on the latest stats. To our OP. GG users, OP. The following servers are a part of our beta test: - Indonesia id. The following data will be provided on our initial beta site: - League and Tier Information - Summoner Ranking - Summoner Name and Level Please note that match history and spectator data will be coming in the future, and we do plan to immediately implement this data once available.

About OP. League of Legends Korea.How to manage and watch League of Legends Replays. Like many competitive games, it offers native replay function which is great, but on the other hand brings a lot of complications especially for less tech-savvy users.

This article covers the basics about LoL replay and is mainly targeted on players that are new to LoL and have trouble with playing replays, especially older ones. League of Legends in-game settings menu. Once this is set up, you can check out your profile select the Match History menu which will show you your last 20 game replays.

You can download the replay from the servers with the small download icon. However, the annoying limitation is that you can only download replays saved in the last version of your game client, meaning you cannot normally replay matches from build 7. All this means there is no way to download replays that expired and they are forever lost unless you have made manual backup earlier. Still the game client will only allow you playback of the replay if your game version matches. This leads many people wonder how to watch old lol replayssomething we will cover in the last section of this article.

Default Match History menu in LoL client. In case you need to replay. The very first thing you have to do if you already did not is to create desktop shortcut for your LoL client.

Locate the releases folder in your game folder, for example:.

League of Legends: Replays & Highlights Save Location

Now create a desktop shortcut of the main executable "League of Legends. In older versions of Windows you need to drag the new shortcut to the desktop. It's best to rename it to something else like LOL Replays to distinguish it from the original desktop icon that was placed during the client installation. Once this is done, simply drag and drop the replay on the shortcut icon and the replay should start shortly.

Successful launch of shared LoL replay. Note: This will work only if the replay has same game version as your client. If you encounter any trouble, that particular replay is most likely expired, but many things can go wrong, so you may try alternative approach with customized shortcut for launching LoL replays. BugSplat error generated. In case you got a BugSplat error windows, there is an alternative way to launch the replay, but requires manual tweak of the shortcut.

League of Legend Shortcut Properties. When you open the properties of the desktop shortcut for replays, you need to add the exact path to your replay in the Target: Box in the Shortcut tab of the Shortcut Properties window. The Target: information typically contains "path to executable" and you need to add "path to. And that's it. Now you can just double-click on the shortcut to directly launch the replay.

The drawback of this method is that you need to change the shortcut for every replay you want to watch. The problem many LoL player face is that you cannot easily watch old replays in newer version of the client.